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Short-term  study abroad guidelines are the same as for academic year study abroad. Students must inform the registrar by the end of the spring term whether they are accepted and intend to attend a summer program.
  • Architecture
Equivalent credit is given for courses taken abroad during the summer term, provided a valid transcript and (letter) grade of “C” or better is earned.
  • Architectural Design
Credits earned at any non-Cornell, domestically-based foreign programs will be applied to elective credit only.
  • Studio Courses in Art
All work done must be submitted along with a petition to a review committee of the art faculty for evaluation and assignment of credit.  Students will not be granted credit for studio courses taken outside of Cornell’s Fine Arts curriculum that in the opinion of a faculty advisor, essentially duplicates courses already taken with the department.

Required Courses:  The student must petition the department for courses taken elsewhere to count for required courses.  The petition must be accompanied by evidence that the material covered is substantially the same as at Cornell and the work completed is of similar quality.  The student petition needs the signature of an instructor who verifies the course is a favorable substitution.

Out-of College Electives:  If the work was done at an accredited institution and the grade received was “C” or better, elective credit will be given after an official transcript has been received by the college registrar.

Contact: Melanie Holland Bell, AAP Registrar, 235 Sibley Dome,


A & S students seeking to study abroad for the less than one semester follow the same steps as any student seeking to transfer credit from a US institution.
General guidelines for credit transfer can be found at
Credit Transfer forms are available in both A & S advising offices (55 and
 172 GS).  These forms go to Robin Perry in 172 GS upon completion.  Transcripts should be sent to Robin Perry as well. The faculty advisor's approval is required only for major credit. Students should consult with the relevant academic department to confirm that the course or program is eligible for credit.
Students attempting summer language study abroad may not always receive credit, since most departments opt to administer a language placement exam to allow the student to place into a more advanced course. It is particularly important to note that the A & S language requirement specifies language study to be undertaken at Cornell - either completion of one course at the 200 level, or at least 11 credits of study in a single foreign language.
Contact: Patricia Wasyliw, Assistant Dean, Academic Services, 55 Goldwin Smith Hall, 255-5004,



CALS students who intend to take summer  courses for credit must obtain an Application for Credit from Other Institutions form from the CALS Office of Student Services or online at  Students should complete a pre-approval for each course they wish to transfer back to Cornell.
Contact: CALS Office of Student Services, 140 Roberts Hall, 254-5386,



The College of Engineering deals with summer/short-term abroad credit the same as transfer credit from U.S. institutions. 
Engineering students must fill out the Transfer Credit Application, available online at or at the Engineering Advising Office.   If it is a technical course, it must also be approved by the department offering the course here at Cornell.  Students are encouraged to get the application approved beforehand so as to reduce the risk of complications.
Contact: Engineering Advising, College of Engineering, 167 Olin Hall,
SHA (Hotel Administration)
Students do most of the researching and filling out of forms on their own, although they are welcome to discuss a particular program with an advisor. 
Students must fill out a Request for Summer/ Winter session Course Credit at  or in the Office of Student Services Office, 180 Statler Hall.
Hotel students do not often go abroad in the summer because of work credit hours that are required for graduation.  Students who would like to study abroad but do not have the GPA to do so during the academic year are encouraged to think about summer study abroad.
Contact:  Dina Kristof, Registrar, 180 Statler Hall,


Students who wish to transfer credits earned during the summer must complete an In Absentia form located in the Office of the College Registrar, MVR 145.
College policy limits each student to a maximum of 9 summer credits from abroad.  Copies of the official course descriptions must be attached to the In Absentia form in order for it to be processed.  The transcript with summer credit should come from an accredited US or foreign university.
Contact: Paul Fisher, Senior Associate, Director of Admissions, 172 MVR,


The ILR School treats credit earned during summer or winter intercession abroad the same as course work taken at other US universities during the summer.  Before students decide to enroll in a short-term program, they must first meet with the ILR Registrar and Kevin Harris, Associate Director of Advising and Counseling, both in 101 Ives Hall.  Students must have proposed abroad courses reviewed and evaluated. Also, students must notify the office that they will be abroad for the summer/winter session.

Contact: Kevin Harris, ILR Study Abroad Coordinator, 101 Ives Hall, 255-2223,

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Cornell Abroad 300 Caldwell Hall Ithaca, NY 14853 p: 607.255.6224 f: 607.255.8700

In an EMERGENCY for a student abroad, call the Cornell Police: 607.255.1111
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